AI Green Screen

AI background removal and virtual green screen effects.

Background removal with the latest AI technology! Pick any image or video and detect objects and background automatically - and not only for background removal, but for various other cool effects too.

The app is based on semantic image segmentation, which is the concept of finding objects and boundaries in images. Google Research DeepLab is a state-of-art deep learning neural network for the semantic image segmentation - and now with AI Green Screen this awesome technology is available as an easy app for everyday use.

Starting from version 2, a new generation of AI paint effects - something you won't find in any other app!

Effects: You can apply effects either to the detected objects or to the background.

Video Support: Trim input and control exported video framerate.

Swap Image or Video Background: Change background with another image or video.

Image to Video Effects: Turn your images into short videos with looping and fluid animation effects.

Multi-level AI: Pick between the speed and accuracy optimized AI.

Chroma Keying: Use chroma keying to process traditional green screen material.

Mask Editor: Manually edit the mask created by the AI or chroma keying.

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Video Warp

Video editor for social media loops. Free video warping and speed effects.

Speed Effects: Super simple presets for all kinds of speed effects: slow-mo, reversing, repeater, etc.

Warp Effects: Color and distortion effects you have never seen before!

Source Video Trimmer: Allows you to pick just the right piece of the source video to process.

Audio Track Processing: Audio is processed to match the video speed.

HQ Export: Video Warp produces extremely high quality H.264 AVC MP4 videos.

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