Video Face Blender

Instant art camera app with real-time filter mixer and face tracking.

Superior Filters: Color looping hue animators, swirls, kaleidoscopes, geometric warps, plasma displacements, and many many more!

Filter Mixer: You can easily blend fresh new effect combinations.

Face Detection: Mix unique face tracking filters and apply any other effect combination as an overlay.

Country Colors: Show your colors! Apply cool country colors to finalize the filter mix.

Sprite Filters: Particles and theme based effects.

Fake Eyes and Sunglasses: Fake eyes and sunglasses add extra fun to your photos and videos!

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Video Warp

Video editor for social media loops. Free video warping and speed effects.

Speed Effects: Record a free play jamming session, or pick a preset effect.

Warp Effects: Color and distortion effects you have never seen before!

Source Video Trimmer: Allows you to pick just the right piece of the source video to process.

Audio Track Processing: Audio is processed to match the video speed.

HQ Export: Video Warp produces extremely high quality H.264 AVC MP4 videos.

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Superior arcade strategy fun - no compromises!

It's the crazy world of Chainliens - creatures crashing and providing their home planet with life critical mutant energy. Help Chainliens to generate as much energy as mutantly possible. Grab a Chainlien on trackpath, drag to stretch that Chainlien rubber band to the max, collect other Chainliens in order, and crash 'em all faster than ever! Just beware those energy hating ghosts - they'll eat your score out!

Chainliens is a game of fast action, strategy, and mysterical fun. Physics based control scheme, touch screen optimized gameplay, and depth of challenge will offer hours of high quality fun.

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