Hit Hit Boom

Hit Hit Boom is an ultra fast reflex game with twisted world.

This game throws some familiar characters on you, but everything so distorted. No matter what you face, you better hit, hit, boom em all! Beware the mind melting color animations - and always keep the focus like a fighter pilot when facing that scary Suorez thingie!

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Superior arcade strategy fun - no compromises!

It's the crazy world of Chainliens - creatures crashing and providing their home planet with life critical mutant energy. Help Chainliens to generate as much energy as mutantly possible. Grab a Chainlien on trackpath, drag to stretch that Chainlien rubber band to the max, collect other Chainliens in order, and crash 'em all faster than ever! Just beware those energy hating ghosts - they'll eat your score out!

Chainliens is a game of fast action, strategy, and mysterical fun. Physics based control scheme, touch screen optimized gameplay, and depth of challenge will offer hours of high quality fun.

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